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UAV propellers: high performance, in flight variable pitch or ground adjustable

The line of UAV propellers combines two basic components:
- the fp-propeller owner technology in the construction of blades in composite materials
- the full functional reliability of our hubs with in-flight variable pitch and ground adjustable
by the way, in our hubs we implant also blades made from other Companies


Our propeller are designed by taking into account the main variables: propeller diameter, number of blades, aircraft speed, rpm and horsepower of the engine.
Blades are designed for the best efficiency, lightness and soundless. The blade structure is made with a safety factor not less than 10 and with the chance to collide with small bodies without fatal damage. the leading edge is protected by stainless steel foil in order to allow the use of our propellers in extreme environment: air with sand powder suspended or rain.

Hub with variable pitch is sized on the blade size in order to minimize the propeller weight.
the blade pitch variation during flight is obtained by an electric servomotor located in the hub centre, along the rotation axis. A linear sensor reads the pitch position for remote control.
The pitch range is limited by electric end stops.

The replacement of the blades is really easy, without pitch adjustment or blade alignment.


Today, UAV propellers are with fixed pitch or ground adjustable.
fp-propeller Srl developed the in-flight variable pitch propeller for Ultra Lights a while ago. Now, it offers its technology for UAV applications, with the following benefits:
- to achieve high altitudes
- vertical nosedive with full throttle without rpm out of sight and fast climbing with low pitch.
- short take off and landing, with possibility to increase the aircraft useful load.

  • engine horsepower: 20-200 HP
  • aircraft speed: 40-400 km/h
  • diameter: 50-200 cm
  • number of blades: 2,3,4
  • adaptation to the engine flange
  • TBO: 2000 hours
  • Available versions: tractor, pusher, clockwise and counter-clockwise
constant speed propeller

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