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"Reverse" Propeller for Sea Planes


Anti-reverse safety
The propeller is protected against the accidental reverse.
To command the propeller in reverse pitch is to be done by pushing toghether both the commands (-) pitch and the red button (safety consent). This action takes the two hands.
Optional: Second safety sensor, detector of water in contact to floating

  • Propeller diameter: 1780 mm
  • Weight : 9,72 kg
  • Moment of inertia: 5,250 kg*cm2
  • Pitch range: from -30° to +35°, adjustable
  • Pitch change speed: 3,5 °/sec
  • Applications: Ultralight Amphibious powered by Rotax 912, 912S, 914
  • Available versions: tractor

The "reverse" propeller is avilable for all the blades for which we are dealers.
constant speed propeller constant speed propeller

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