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More than twenty years ago, we started the experimental project where we studied materials and technologies for production of a propeller with top performances and airworthiness.
Then, we developed our technology for blades made in composite material and designed our hubs for precision mechanics.
In 1999 we developed and presented to the "Bassano" meeting the first in-flight variable pitch for Ultra Light in Italy.
Today, after long and methodical testing of our propellers on different aircrafts, we confirm the top reliability and extremely long life of our hubs and blades.
Hubs of different size have been developed, in which we implanted a wide variety of different blades coming from world leader Companies. Objective of this range extension is the satisfaction of the different pilot needs.
More recently we faced the UAV application, where we developed with great success a in-flight variable pitch propeller for Wankel engines


Enter the world market of the propellers for light and high speed aircrafts by introducing the in-flight variable pitch propeller fully automated.


The technology for blade production, blade implantation, hub manufacturing and assembling has been developed according to the following criteria:
- airworthiness top level
- top performances
- longest timelife

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fp propeller team can support your development of special projects concerning your aircraft

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