constant speed propeller

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FP hub + Sensenich R68CN blades



Hydraulic piston is made by using special solutions and materials in order to achieve the absolute hydraulic seal and the operation long-life.
Mechanical anti-reverse stop system.
Hub machined from aluminium alloy rod and blade shank in high strength steel.
Excellent performances over the entire flight envelope of the aircraft (take-off, climb, cruise and top speed). High flight comfort, high quality finishing, low moment of inertia.
Installation of the our propeller is reduced to a very simple operation sequence:
> Installation of brushes and slip ring on the engine gear box
> Tightening of the n. 6 bolts on the propeller/shaft flange
> Mounting of each blade in its numbered seat.

  • Propeller diameter: 1780 mm
  • Weight : 9,2 kg
  • Moment of inertia: 4.700 kg*cm2
  • Pitch range: from 10° to 40°, adjustable
  • Pitch change speed: up to 30°/sec
  • Pitch control: by constant speed hydraulic governor
  • Applications: Aircraft powered by Rotax 912, 912S, 914
  • Available versions: tractor and pucher
constant speed propeller

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