constant speed propeller

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FP hub + FP wood blades


The blades FP type W are manufactured from a mixture of different wood. The blade roots are made of highly compressed Beech wood, which is specially produced for aviation applications. The entire blade surface is then laminated with two or more layers of Glass, Carbon or Kevlar and Epoxy resin.
The blades are finished with several coats of two-component acrylic and polyurethane paint.
The blade root retainer is bonded to a special inner conical threaded bush made of aluminium or steel

Electric servomotor 12 Vdc , 22W
Pitch control:
- manual, by pitch indicator gauge
- semi-automatic, by constant rpm governor
- fully automatic, by constant rpm governor under m.a.p. control.
Manual set-up of blade pitch in case of electrical failure.
Mechanical anti-reverse stop system.
Hub machined from aluminium alloy rod and blade shank in high strength steel.
Excellent performances over the entire flight envelope of the aircraft (take-off, climb, cruise and top speed). High flight comfort, high quality finishing, low moment of inertia.
Installation of the our propeller is reduced to a very simple operation sequency:
> Installation of brushes and slip ring on the engine gear box
> Tightening of the n. 6 bolts on the propeller/shaft flange
> Mounting of each blade in its numbered seat.

  • Propeller diameter: 1680 mm
  • Weight : 8,80 kg
  • Moment of inertia: 3.800 kg*cm2
  • Pitch range: from 10° to 40°, adjustable
  • Pitch change speed: 3,5 °/sec
  • Pitch reading: by fp electronic governor
  • Applications: Aircraft powered by UL POWER 350
  • Available versions: tractor
constant speed propeller

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