constant speed propeller

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constant speed propeller

constant speed propeller constant speed propeller constant speed propeller



It is well known to the pilots that differences in pitch angle among propeller blades are cause of vibrations. To this purpose, in the ground adjustable propellers, the pitch angle of the different blades must be adjusted to the correct value with the best accuracy .
The goniometers currently available on the market for this purpose, do not exceed the precision of 0.5 degrees. By contrast, the vibrations are already generated just over 0.2 degrees.
Our digital protractor reaches the accuracy of 0.1 degrees.
It's composed by a digital level with accuracy of 0.1 degrees and by an adjustable bracket for the fastening of the digital level on the blade.
It's the essential tool for adjust the blade pitch to the identical value, with absolute simplicity and precision, in ground adjustable propellers.
It can also be used to precisely adjust the upper and lower limit of the range of in-flight variable pitch propellers.
Handle lock is a nylon-made nut in order to avoid scratches on the blade surface.
It comes with detailed instructions for the correct measurement of the pitch.

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