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Riding the skies world record

On august 1st 2015, Roberto Bisa was starting from Istrana (Treviso - Italy) and was flying through Uk - Iceland - Greenland - Canada - Usa - Caribbean - Venezuela - Brazil - Argentina until Ushuaia, Land of Fires.
A trip of about 28.000Km through different climate condition: near north pole, equator, near south pole.
An extreme test for the pilot, the aircraft (Syncro, by Flysynthesis) and our propeller where large temperature excursion, continuous raining, turbulence and long distances stressed the propeller much over the usual flight conditions.
The first picture shows the propeller just as it was the end of the trip: its looks like new and the pitch mechanism works flowing and without mechanical clearance.
As shown in the second picture, flight performances with our propeller are 10% better then data scheduled by the aircraft maker:
- 25,7 (MAP), 4440 (RPM), 226 (Speed) with our propeller
- 26,0 (MAP), 4800 (RPM), 228 (Speed) data from Flysynthesis Syncro website
Such performances are the effect of the blades special profile.

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